There is no doubt that if you mindlessly scroll through Google articles (like this one), you would, in today’s political environment, come across hundreds of thousands of articles explaining what black consciousness is, going into detail of how ‘our slave shackles unite us!’ or how ‘our nappy heads define us!’ and, of course… how the betrayal by the white man and the thieving Jew keep us oppressed while they rape our daughters and plunder the motherland we call “Africa” (and to some, “Azania”).
These articles are so well written and typed with such conviction that it would no doubt invoke the murderous, sociopathic, warlord spirit of Shaka Zulu himself, and from that it really is easy to see how some young, blood-hungry, confused adult could so easily turn violent and malicious from a diet of granny’s political struggle bedtime stories and a healthy amount of carbs and protein each day.

Now, after some baiting and an hour or two of trolling on Twitter, I have researched enough to present my findings for you and my conclusion is… black consciousness has absolutely nothing to do with race.

Apparently, anyone can have black consciousness, as long as they prioritize black struggles first and fight for whatever a black leader deems ‘worthy’. Any POC who deviates from this goal is then referred to as “white”, “Uncle Tom”, “deflectors”, “sell outs”, “house niggers” and the list goes on. White people who reject this concept are immediately labeled as a racist & bigot who have too much privilege and could never possibly understand the “struggle” that the POC face.
Now that we understand what black consciousness really is, let’s take a look at what BLACK SUBCONCIOUSNESS is.

BLACK SUBCONCIOUSNESS is the disordered immoral voice inside every Black Radical, Confused White SJW and vegan Hippie who continuously denies fact, reason and logic, yet always walks away like they just blew your mind with their revolutionary Che Guevara quotes. This voice is, essentially, their own insecurities, sick desires and deepest yearnings merged into a super-projector they then use to get the attention they never received as a child. Black subconsciousness is what gives these people Victim-Privilege, the ability to accuse anyone of anything whilst ignoring their own sins. For instance, Black Radicals accuse white people of “settling their land” and raping their women, when crime statistics clearly show it’s almost exclusively black men who enter a white home and rape white woman. Another radical anthem is how police target innocent black men only when in fact in almost all the cases the police acted lawfully.

Black consciousness is an excuse to hide personal failure and to justify racial, religious and sexist hate. It is a cancer that breaks society down and, ironically, segregates black people from the rest of humanity.
– Tebogo Bello (@tebogo_bello)


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