This week saw some interesting happenings for me.
We had rain, an outstanding budget speech and I also came across an interesting picture on my Twitter timeline. This picture showcased the difference between the 1976 student uprisings in Soweto and the current #FeesMustFall protests happening in nearly all the universities across South Africa instigated by political parties like the EFF.
Now, what made this picture so interesting? Was it the pain & suffering of the Black child? Was it the deplorable police and how they target, harass and brutalise students (sarcasm)? Maybe it was the amount of destruction that took place? Well no… What captured my attention was seeing that, after 40 years of that iconic protest which saw regime change, equal rights, education for all and economic transformation, the mentality of students has not changed at all.
Despite no-whites businesses, no-whites spaces, full and total black leadership and a black run economy with redistribution of land, the enemies are still white people. What we see now is exactly what we saw in 1976 when students burned buildings, books, busses, cars and provoked police, only to later cry police brutality and victimization.

1976 saw Black students destroy property nationwide whilst white students marched in solidarity, showing their support for the “struggle” of the Black child. 2016 sees the same events 40 years later in a totally different setting with an absolute power change, a different situation with the same results: total damage cost, thus far, reaching R200 billion, deaths and serious injury. Back in 1976, flyers were distributed calling for the hanging of a white man whilst 2016 sees signs and social media posts calling for death to white people whether they’re crippled or infants.


We see that the Tribal mentality after economic liberation, free schooling, medical support, equal rights, power shift, integration and total Black only rule has remained unchanged and just as destructive and unproductive as it was 40 years ago. It’s time we face the truth and realize that no amount of university degrees, respect or power will change the violent and backwards majority. Decolonisation will not help this group. Funding will not help this group. Understanding will not help this group.

Comparing past to present shows us that the only constant between 1976 and 2016 are young Black students and an instigating older Black political party.
– Tebogo Bello (@tebogo_bello)


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