Oh, black South Africans, you have let a wolf into your midst! Open your eyes before it’s too late. 

I’ve been feeling a deep-rooted anger at the ‘new’ message leaking all over Twitter and across media outlets nationwide. It’s not really new (our illiterate president started it years ago), but it’s taken on a new level of idiocy, surpassing every expectation the world has of South Africa (badly). From the title of this article you can guess I’m talking about the ‘take back the land’ narrative that Julius Malema and his cohorts are implanting into the brains of feeble black South Africans. Yes, I called EFF followers mentally feeble. Like cotton wool.


So the narrative started brewing a long time ago. I remember I was at an event some time back, about early this year, and on the projection board the brainwashed black organisers showed a slide to a mixture of students with “TAKE BACK THE LAND” in bold print. As usual, the other black children, so certain that they own ‘the land,’ started howling and hooting and cackling at the beautiful sight of ‘social justice’. Needless to say, I became white in that moment (I do not regret this statement), watching a lost nation become entitled and privileged to something that isn’t really theirs…


Wait, Mlungisi, what are you trying to say? South Africa belongs to the blacks! White people came and stole it from us!


No. No it doesn’t.


My information links are at the bottom of this article, but they explain how black South Africans are not indigenous to South Africa and that they traversed here just as the white people did. Every single South Africa you see today (take a look around you) is a settler in this country.


To nutshell the whole story for you:


• South Africans, every single one of them, are settlers in South Africa. Also, before they say they arrived first, proof shows that South African blacks arrived at the same time as whites.

• The story that the Natives Land Act of 1913 packaged blacks into reserves / stopped them from buying white area land is bull.

• Bantu people (the label for the ethnic groups in Africa who speak such languages) have had a long history (2000 years) of “black supremacy, racism, conquest, genocide, rape, war & colonisation” – does that last word sound familiar?

• The homelands and reserves you blame whites for creating? They were created by your beloved Shaka Zulu. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


(I beg you; before you come and tell me about my Uncle Tom-ness, read these articles and surprise me by actually doing research about something.)


Wait, Mlungisi, are you saying that Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema are lying?



I would like to also remind you about Jacob Zuma’s latest lies under oath regarding the State Capture report, let alone his standard of deceiving South Africa (Exhibit A: Nkandla), and Julius Malema has been called out multiple times lying about people like Riky Rick and Dr Johann Rupert, all of which you can obtain from a simple Google search. What am I trying to say about these two… intelligent people? I’m saying that you need to do your research before you listen to anything they say. They’ve been known to spit conjecture and their employed cronies are trained to fill your Twitter feeds with said lies until you’re so mad you’ll drive the Caucasians / Indians / Chinese out yourself.



Why are they doing this?



It’s pretty simple: they are trying to cause racial tension in South Africa.

An example. Fees Must Fall (yes, that again) was a plot. If you ever listened to the mostly EFF renegades speak passionately about how education should have all Eurocentric influences removed from it, seen the writing of “kill all whites” and “kill all Jews” in university notice boards and noticed a contrast made by media outlets that mostly non-black students (and ME) wanted to go back to class and black students were being professional victims, this sets some friction with any races against Africans, such that one day, it will be too much to bear and then… boom! The rainbow nation youth are fighting each other.

Look at this land story as well. Malema planted the story back into the brains of the feeble by referencing to the coffin assault case that happened just recently, seeding a hate into black South Africans against all these whites that “are so cruel and want to kill us” that he won’t have to do any of the work he plans… the youth will act upon his carefully chosen words, at this rate.

No one looks at the fact that not all white people are racist, the man placed in the coffin was trespassing on the farm (I’M NOT SAYING IT’S JUSTIFIED – CALM DOWN), and that many white farmers are being killed in large numbers by ‘our people’.

They look at the fact that people who are not black must go.


I’m going to wrap up this long post and tell the black reader that we are being deceived by our government so much that we’re going to end up having innocent white man blood on our hands, like Julius wants us to have, we’re going to decolonise things that were brought by colonisation, and we’re heading swiftly to a Zimbabwe state… and all the white people will gladly leave SA then. I’ll leave with.

Rainbow nation… I’m sorry.



– Mlungisi Nxumalo (@africanfact101)








1 http://www.newobserveronline.com/truth-lies-south-african-history

2 http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/we-are-all-settlers-in-sa-366860

3 http://www.sa-news.com/the-4-black-lies-about-land-in-south-africa-bantu-black-africans-do-not-have-default-right-to-land


11 thoughts on “Take Back the Land… WHAT?

  1. Well explained But are they going to listen to you or Malema. They must read about Shaka Zulu many many years ago…. who refused to have a son, if he did it was murdered. Everyone forgets (the whole world) god is coming and no one can stop God. Thou shall not kill.


    1. They are only going to listen to Malema because I have not promised them anything. Say something about their history, they attack you on Twitter.

      The consequences of these actions will be felt through and through.


  2. I’m black and i really feel ashamed of my race for acting like assholes. To many of us are stupid and act like grown children


  3. It’s a sad day in SA when there is a need for articles like this. The feeble need to be enlightened, but you cannot force a narrow-mind to broaden it’s perspective. I love SA, and I don’t want to live anywhere else, but the time is fast approaching when I won’t have a choice. Very nice article, your heart is in the right place, I wish the feeble were as fortunate.


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