South Africa has been stuck in the mud. For a long time now.

Ever since the liberation movement from apartheid in 1994, progression towards becoming a prosperous country have been failing, to say the least. Public resources, such as healthcare, housing and education, have so much money funnelled into them from the national budget and, strangely enough, never seem to improve. The inlaid corruption is definitively getting worse, with the President and the Guptas enjoying the Presidency and its ‘fortunes’ while hurting the very same poor they promised to help. Racial tensions have increased in the past years, with racism to one race being downplayed when compared to another. South Africa is stuck and we can’t help it until we recognise the problem and fix it. So here are the top 5 reasons why South Africa is regressing:

  1. A large percentage of South Africans are being brainwashed.

I’ll be honest with you: I only truly learnt about conservatism when I got to university and even then, it was from a friend who passed on some information to me about it. After some computer research, I was sold and stuck to the right side of life.

Trouble is, not everyone in South Africa is like me.

A predominant part of South Africa is liberal and that needs no official report; the three leading political parties are all left-wing, some more than others, and their supporters obviously make up a large percent of the population. The education sector, both private and public, portray history in the light of the African National Congress, showing them as the valiant saviour of the free South Africa in the darkness of apartheid. It has been proven that most of the American television is liberal and our funnel share, DStv, has little to none conservative programming (the only one I instantly call to mind is Last Man Standing). So if every facet of South Africa glorifies liberalism, without giving any light to conservatism, if only to call it racist and misogynistic, then how can people discern:

  • What they are being told is correct or incorrect? Our leaders have deceived and lied to us countless times. How do we believe that this, political ideology, is the field they got right? How do people educate themselves outside of a bias? When majority ideas are the norm, what is so terrible about minority ideas that we cannot learn about them? Something you’re not telling us?
  • If there is a better way of living than that proposed? If you’re doing a job and someone teaches you that there’s a better, more efficient way to do it, would you not implement that idea? Similarly, if we see that liberal ideas keep failing in South Africa, isn’t it time to try something else, learn about something new?

Instead, we are constantly told that this way of government is the only way that works, and in irony too! Because the very same leaders who pepper this into media are failing at it. It’s time for something new.

  1. Diversity of thought is shunned everywhere

University campuses. Public spaces. Freedom of speech is dying a slow, painful death in the country. Thanks to the Hate Speech Bill, thought has officially been policed. My first question to Parliament would naturally be where the line between free speech and hate speech is defined, and whether or not they think that this is chopping down on people’s liberties. But ideas like these are heretical in South Africa and trust me, you will pay the price for it. Hate speech is a broad spectrum for those who define it and will most likely soon be anything that is deemed ‘offensive’.

The government is now in my brain and tells me what I should and should not say. Yay.

Instead, everything that seems nice, everything that makes people happy is praised, while alternate and sometimes truthful thoughts are illegal. No one can have an opinion.

  1. Large government has always led to corruption

It has happened time and time and time and time again. As government grows, there is an opportunity to do terrible things to the state and to its people. As government power and influence grows, human liberties and safety decrease. It’s a simple thought, one I will not dwell too long on: money and power breed corruption. (A quote I learned in high school – “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”) The more money and power we give to the African National Congress, the Economic Freedom Fighters (shudder) and even the Democratic Alliance will prove to be disastrous.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Double standards are at their worst

You can’t say that you are combating racism in a country and then, at the next rally, tell blacks how you’re going to shoot the Boer. You cannot say that there is a problem with crime and then take taxpayer’s money to splurge on ‘security updates’. You cannot tell people the economy is going down the drain WHEN IT’S YOU WHO’S THROWING IT DOWN THE DRAIN. There need to be some standards and liberal governments continue to fail to give us those standards. South Africa will be liberal-run for a long time and it seems holding politicians to the flame will be offensive, undermining and ‘hate speech’.

  1. Left ‘tolerance’ is intolerance spelled backward

You will not see it in yourself if you are a liberal reading this. But if we are having a debate or discussion and I mention a statistic that shows blacks are overrepresented in crime and you tell me that I’m hateful or racist, you are intolerant of the truth.

Now in recent years, left intolerance of anything they don’t like has led to many things. Like beating up Trump supporters. Like killing people in South Africa (those deaths don’t end up on the news; they don’t support the ‘narrative’ and THAT PERSON WAS RACIST ANYWAYS!). A lot of liberals do not want to hear anything they don’t agree with and it’s sad. The growth of intelligence begins when people work with and speak to each other.

White and black conservatives who don’t want to be killed in South Africa take to Twitter to share their thoughts. After all, Twitter promises free speech and protection for such, correct? No. When liberals are tired of hearing it, the conservatives get doxed. They get threatened, and, worst of all, their Twitter accounts are permanently suspended. Try searching my comrade @Tebogo_bello.

These are only a few things that plague liberal utopia, South Africa, really. I could go on and on and on. As always, my race will be doubted, I will become a ‘house nigger’, my friends and family might even be threatened but I am committed to telling the truth and if you’re triggered, ask yourself why the words of a young black man hurt so much more they should.

  • Mlungisi Nxumalo (@AfricanFact101)

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