If you do not know the Economic Freedom Fighters, bless your soul.

Apparently, there was a time when people understood stealing from some to give to others, no matter what the circumstances, is not okay. That time is over, as Julius Malema, Bernie Sanders and all the couchsurfing losers of the world rail against the income inequality we have between the rich and the poor. The consensus – that people who work for their money are entitled to it – is gone.

What happened?

For starters, people put the word ‘democratic’ in front of socialism as if putting something immoral to a vote makes it less immoral or more noble. That somehow fooled at least 25% of American millennials who voted for Bernie Sanders’s policies in the previous election. But no, in lovely South Africa, there is no democratic to hide the dreaded ‘s’ word from the lips of the Economic Freedom Fighters. They at least understand the theft of redistribution and would opt to tell you ‘the white people did it first’ or ‘we’re just taking what’s ours’. And if I still need to tell you how bogus that statement is…

I once watched a Ben Shapiro video where a conservative millennial asked him how to debate socialism. He was annoyed with the way the left would say, “But that’s not real socialism” or “That’s not how socialism is supposed to work” and wanted to get around that argument. Ben Shapiro put it simply.

“The problem is that you’re arguing with them in terms of the effectiveness of socialism… here is the actual argument that works with socialism. It is immoral to steal from people even if you vote to steal from people.”

That would just be on the moral situation. Liberals and socialists love to tell you that even though it’s ineffective or has not worked properly yet, it’s much better than the greedy capitalist system. First of all, just because we toss theft to a vote, it does not mean that theft will become somewhat more moral. No, socialists, stealing from someone to give to someone else, just because a majority said so, is not moral.

But there is an effectiveness level issue as well, and I would be a terrible person if I left that out.

Do socialists tell you about their beautiful policies implemented in Zimbabwe, where people now can pay for their school tuition with livestock because their currency is in the pooper? It was fun for them to chase out all those white farmers in the 2000 and that’s the last fun they’ll ever have. I have spoken to countless Zimbabweans who have emigrated to better-ish South Africa. They say, “We love Zimbabwe, but there’s no money.”

How about Sweden and Denmark? Socialists love to point out those countries as a socialist haven of success – and they’re wrong. This article properly explains that the affluence Sweden has now is not a product of socialism – it was developed in Sweden’s time of free-markets and low taxation. Their movement into socialist policy not only dropped their wealth rating (by GDP) to fourteen from the fourth spot, it became a haven of crime, drug addiction and welfare dependency. Denmark is on a similar course. Mind you, Denmark citizens can’t even afford to buy a car because of the interesting high 150% TAX RATE ON CARS.

Yes, that’s your socialist haven.

I could go on about Venezuela, with a +1 600% inflation rate, where residents have to cross the border to Colombia to buy things like toilet paper because they’re too expensive in their home country, but socialists will keep loving the idea of redistributing the wealth of some to others. Why is that?

Some people are just drawn to laziness and collectivism and others are drawn to independence, work and individualism. There will always be tension between the makers, the doctors, engineers and the producers, and the takers, like the modern art history and the gender studies students. And this tension is ultimately socialism’s inevitable demise.

But I guess we’ll have to wait another couple decades before we go back to the consensus – stealing from people is wrong, and socialism never works.


Mlungisi Nxumalo (@africanfact101)

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